I have traveled to Jamaica the past 2 years for the Jamaican Fat Tyre Festival. I feel like I talk about Jamaica way too much? Maybe I do. haha. Anyway, when I went to Jamaica for the first time two years ago I found out that they were getting the first BMX track in the Caribbean and I thought that was so cool. Basically USA Cycling put out a call for proposal from Caribbean countries and Jamaica won. By winning, they got a course designer, builder and a start gate and in return they had to lease the land, get the dirt, equipment etc. This all cool and everything but there was one minor problem….no bikes. Jamaicans love their bikes A LOT. But riding those bikes on a BMX track is not a good idea for many reasons. Sooo 2 years ago a submitted a proposal to Specialized’s First Gear program to get some bikes to Jamaica and it was accepted!!! So fast forward to present time….it has all come together. The track, the materials, the bikes, the grand opening celebration. SOOO COOL. I wouldn’t miss it for the world so I made the trek down there to see the track in real life, see all the bikes getting loved and also see a pretty public stoke of many Jamaican government officials.

Oh and its Jamaica so I couldn’t come and not get my shred on right! 🙂

I just want to thank Specialized for donating bikes and gear, Pro-Tec for helmets, the Oracabessa Foundation + Goldeneye for helping to fund this project Simon Dunne and Jonathan Gosse <- none of this would have happend without this guy!!!!

  • mariselaTRi

    dude. feels like i am stalking you or something. haha. sorry tho. 🙂
    but truly love your work and the website is super cool. pure awesomenesssss!!i started following you on twitter recently and love all the updates and the amazing job you are doing with bike sports.   keep those updates coming. and keep up the awesome work!! :)believe. never stop dreaming.

  • hahaha NO. I am so happy you like it all!! It looks like you’ve got some pretty awesome stuff going on with the Triathalons. You’ve got me there…never tried one before. Might have to add that to the list of things to try! 🙂

    • yeah!! thanks 🙂 and you should definitely gotta try an off-road triathlon!! sure you will love it!! ..as for me. to be honest my passion is bikessss!! i love anything triathlon of course. but my dream is to be a cyclist instead 🙂 mtb. road. tt. anything. i do them all. but have never raced. one day!! one day i ll switch to race bikes also!! dont know where to start but i ll get there. for now training hard for my tri races. and also riding my bikes like crazy for when the day comes and i can do a bike race 😉