A-Line is probably the most famous mountain bike trail in the world – people travel from around the world to Whistler because they want to ride this trail. And while A-Line is great, this traffic can make for an intimidating experience. Thanks to Liv, the trail has been closed off one morning during Crankworx for the past three years for a Ladies-Only ride event. Ride at your own pace. Get help on features if you need it. Do A-Line how YOU want to do A-Line.

This event has quickly become one of my very favorite parts of Crankworx. It is incredible to see 150+ ladies out riding – and a jump trail at that. It is SO fun!!

If you weren’t able to make it this year, mark your calendar for next year!

And if you can’t make it during Crankworx, there are many other great opportunities throughout the year in the Whistler Bike Park including ladies nights every Monday and Wednesday where you will regularly see 100+ ladies on any given night – all ages, all abilities!

Photos: Jeff Clark

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And in case you’re wondering…this is what I rode. πŸ™‚ Liv Intrigue SX, Small (I am 5’6″)


Sombrio Summit Short (L), Pedigree Jersey (M), Lily Glove (M), Silhouette Flannel (M)