Happy Holidays my friends! 🙂 I’ve been quite on the ol’ social these last few weeks but it’s been nice to unplug and spend some time with family – that is one thing I have really improved on this past year, the unplugging part. The past month has been pretty crazy -I moved, went to CA, went to NYC and celebrated Christmas. I am finallllly feeling settled and feeling in a good spot.

My Dad and Grandpa in his new home!

We painted pottery for Christmas gifts.

Central Park. I loveeeeee NYC.

MOMA with my friend Nora – we met riding bikes in Jordan together!

These window exhibits at Bergdorfs unreallll. I had never actually seen the holiday windows in NYC (at least not that I can remember – I lived in NY as a kid) – most of them were kinda what you would expect. But these. These were next level.

Park Avenue Pooooooches.

I have a strange obsession with the Subway. I love it. The sights, sounds, smells, people.

Almost home.

Bath time for these guys.

Those days are long gone.

New home!! And my sister!!

We have had so much snow latley.

Family time. 🙂

Go away snow, I want to ride my bike!