The Sturdy Dirty has quickly become one of my favorite events of the year. It is right in my ‘backyard’ and to me represents everything that is cool about the NW. Great trails, great people and the laid back NW vibe. I am always so proud to show off the NW to my friends from afar.



A-Line is probably the most famous mountain bike trail in the world – people travel from around the world to Whistler because they want to ride this trail. And while A-Line is great, this traffic can make for an intimidating experience. Thanks to Liv, the trail has been closed off one morning during Crankworx for the past three years for a Ladies-Only ride event. Ride at your own pace. Get help on features if you need it. Do A-Line how YOU want to do A-Line.

This event has quickly become one of my very favorite parts of Crankworx. It is incredible to see 150+ ladies out riding – and a jump trail at that. It is SO fun!!

If you weren’t able to make it this year, mark your calendar for next year!

And if you can’t make it during Crankworx, there are many other great opportunities throughout the year in the Whistler Bike Park including ladies nights every Monday and Wednesday where you will regularly see 100+ ladies on any given night – all ages, all abilities!

Photos: Jeff Clark

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And in case you’re wondering…this is what I rode. πŸ™‚ Liv Intrigue SX, Small (I am 5’6″)


Sombrio Summit Short (L), Pedigree Jersey (M), Lily Glove (M), Silhouette Flannel (M)

Sea Otter Classic


I am always so excited for Sea Otter every year. It is the first major North American event of the year and in many ways a family reunion. So many people to see, share stories with, catch up on lost time.

The Bike Park(s)

Holyyyyyy sheeet. The Whistler Bike ParkΒ opens tomorrow.Β So excited for hot laps and mega trains…been giddy all day like the day before Christmas.Β Whistler is where I fell in love with bikes and each year I just love it more and more. πŸ™‚

IfΒ you are not headedΒ to Whistler this weekend, do yourself a favor and head out to theΒ Coast Gravity Park. I did a couple of runs in there yesterday and had my mind blown, so will you. The thing that really stood out to me about the park is how snappy and playful it is. You actually feel like you’ve got a turbo boost or something. TheΒ are little jumps, rollers, things to double everywhere without even trying…you just fly. The guys have put so much love into this place and it truly is a piece of art. Head over to to reserve your spot.


The Sea Otter Reunion

2014.SeaOtter22014.SeaOtter6 2014.SeaOtter7


The yearly family reunion has come and gone once again.Β There were more than a few family members missing this year with the overlap of the first World Cup of the year. Can’t say it was the best scheduling on behalf of either but I suppose that’s how it goes sometimes. Despite the absenceΒ of many riders, the crowds were as big as ever and the weather was perfect to top it off. I spent a lot of time over at SRAM helping out Rebecca Rusch with the Gold Rusch Tour. Over the years, it has become my favorite thing about Sea Otter. I absolutely love meeting all of the lovely ladies that make the journey out to Sea Otter to be a part of this cool program, both riders and attendees alike. I saw so many improvements in a short period of time at the clinics. It is amazing what cleaning up your foundation will do for your riding (more on that soon!), seeing those dramatic changes from so many women totally made my week. The panel discussions are so fun and informative too! Even though I am sitting on the panel for the discussions, I learn so much from all of the other athletes and have put to use so many tips I have picked up.

Aside from the Gold Rusch Tour, spending time with my Giant family was a real highlight. There was quite a strong presence from Giant this year, we pretty much had an island. Ha. Really though, I couldn’t be happier with the great team that makes up Giant, I love working and hanging out with this crew so much. Awwww.

ps- Thank you all for giving me a good a#% kicking regarding this thing…I am really, really going to try to keep the regular content coming, so if I start to slack…let me hear it! πŸ™‚

Taxco in Photos

I was so proud to be a part of this event. I saw how hard everyone at Altius worked to put this thing together and to see it all come together in such a spectacular fashion was pretty bad ass….the turn out was huge, the excitement was contagious and it was just FUN. So fun. There was a lot of pressure to make this a great event and they went above and beyond, I think you are going to see a lot more of the Downhill Taxco in years to come.

Red Bull Rampage

I LOVE RAMPAGE. It is seriously the coolest event ever. I went there a few days early to hang out and dig…it is so cool being out in the desert in this kind of environment with all of your good friends. I like getting to know a place and Rampage is no different. Pretty cool to see all of the lines up close, see how other riders see the lines and also help to bring what they see to life (I have a long way to go when it comes to digging though!). The days were long but I loved every minute of it…sunrise to sunset!!