Women’s Wednesday


1. Great NY Times piece on up and coming track star, Mary Cain. // NY Times

2. I love reading Tracey Hannah’s insight and perspective on World Cup racing. // Pinkbike

3. Becky Hammon is making history as the first assistant NBA coach! // Marie Claire

4. Lindsey Voreis is an outstanding and her clinics are filling up very quickly, if there is one in your area, SIGN UP! // Ladies Allride

5. Think you’ve got it bad? Well chances are Miranda Miller probably had it worse – but you would never know it from her positive outlook…and the fact that she was .12 off 1st at the first national of the year. Yeah Miranda! // Pinkbike

6. How would you talk to a friend? You wouldn’t talk to yourself that way – you can do it. // Machines for Freedom

7. This little girl, Macey Hensley, is hilarious, smart and motivated – just watch her give us a little lesson on US history! // Ellen

8. I want to do this!!! Go to Retallack with Katrina Strand! // Pinkbike

9. Emma Watson is so well spoken and inspiring – listen to this talk to the UN about gender inequality. // United Nations

The Women: Wednesday Roundup


1. The World Cup season has finally begun! I have been counting down the days until Vital slideshows, watch parties and friendly bets commence and the first round of the year did not disappoint. Riders found themselves all the way in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, where there were a few stand out performances in the women’s downhill race. Manon Carpenter has been nipping at the heels of Rachel Atherton for quite some time, in South Africa she finally came out on top with her first ever World Cup win.  Rach may not have won but she did fight some serious adversity to a 2nd place finish. After spending the week on IV drip with a bacterial infection, Rach dug deep and pulled out a remarkable finish on one of the most physical tracks of the year. I think that there is going to be a good battle between Manon and Rachel this year. After dominating everything else she has set her mind to, Jill Kintner got her best downhill World Cup result to date with a 3rd place (YESSSSS Jill!). She is fit, skilled and has some serious motivation, watch out for this one.

2. Gold Rusch Tour: I go on and on about the Gold Rusch Tour but I think that it is such a cool program and I am so honored to be a part of it. Rebecca is one bad a#$ athlete but she is also incredibly smart, motivating and approachable and she has put so much time and effort into making this an exceptional program. Check out the schedule for Rebecca Rusch’s Gold Rusch tour and see if you might be able to #jointherusch.

3. Jolanda Neff & Maja Wloszczowska: I have yet to meet these two Liv teammates but they sure started the season with a bang. 1st and 3rd at the first World Cup of the year…and with some serious style at that. These girls can ride!

4. Clinics: Clinics are an amazing way to improve your bike skills quickly and safely. In my personal opinion one of the biggest things that holds people back from progression is a lack of a solid foundation. By foundation I mean body position, balance and braking (building on other elements from there). If you have problems here (which I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t) it will hinder your performance down the line and you are more susceptible to crashing and frustration. There are so many great coaches out there who offer clinics, camps and private lessons which are well worth your money. Here are a few that I recommend: Lindsey Voreis at Ladies AllRide, Kat Sweet at Sweetlines, Katrina Strand, Claire Buchar & Chris Kovarik, & Simon Lawton at Fluidride.

5. Biking in Afghanistan with Mountain 2 Mountain: Following her idea that “women and girls are change makers and catalysts for peace and global prosperity,” Shannon Galpin started a campaign to get women on bikes in Afghanistan. As one can imagine, this has been no easy feat. Shannon is currently in Afghanistan training with the Afghan Cycling team on the 53 bikes she just imported into the country. You can also check out the Bicycling Magazine Instagram feed where she is currently sharing her incredible story. 

6. Trish Bromley: Trish has been absolutely killing it this year. After a season-ending injury early in 2013, she made it her mission to do 2014 right. She learned to flip this winter at Joyride 150 in Toronto and has since taken it to the famous Post Office dirt jumps in Aptos, CA where she landed it on the mulch jump at the post-Sea Otter Jump Jam. When girls are out there pushing it, it motivates other girls to step it up which leads to some incredible progression. I think Trish is going to be one to watch this year and I am so excited to push each other this summer.

7. Rachel Atherton: This video has some great insight into what keeps her pushing the limits year after year.

8. Giant #DreamUpgrade: In 140 characters, explain what you would do with your dream bike!

9. Sturdy Dirty: You live in the NW? You a woman who loves riding with your friends? Want to race but have dance parties, bacon shots and mini massages along the way? This race might just be the race for you.

Photos: Dave Trumpore | Marius Maasewerd | Kris Hanning | Unknown: please contact for proper credit.

I read stuff that I am inspired by and totally motivated by all the time. Rather than keeping it to myself, I thought I might as well share it in hopes that it motivates you too. 🙂 Check back next Wednesday for another dose. 

Specialized + Jamaica

I have traveled to Jamaica the past 2 years for the Jamaican Fat Tyre Festival. I feel like I talk about Jamaica way too much? Maybe I do. haha. Anyway, when I went to Jamaica for the first time two years ago I found out that they were getting the first BMX track in the Caribbean and I thought that was so cool. Basically USA Cycling put out a call for proposal from Caribbean countries and Jamaica won. By winning, they got a course designer, builder and a start gate and in return they had to lease the land, get the dirt, equipment etc. This all cool and everything but there was one minor problem….no bikes. Jamaicans love their bikes A LOT. But riding those bikes on a BMX track is not a good idea for many reasons. Sooo 2 years ago a submitted a proposal to Specialized’s First Gear program to get some bikes to Jamaica and it was accepted!!! So fast forward to present time….it has all come together. The track, the materials, the bikes, the grand opening celebration. SOOO COOL. I wouldn’t miss it for the world so I made the trek down there to see the track in real life, see all the bikes getting loved and also see a pretty public stoke of many Jamaican government officials.

Oh and its Jamaica so I couldn’t come and not get my shred on right! 🙂

I just want to thank Specialized for donating bikes and gear, Pro-Tec for helmets, the Oracabessa Foundation + Goldeneye for helping to fund this project Simon Dunne and Jonathan Gosse <- none of this would have happend without this guy!!!!

Lea makes the USA Olympic Team

Friday was a HUGE day for for Lea Davison.  And why was this day so important you might ask? USA Olympic Team selection.  Mountain Biking is in the Olympics but it is only the Cross Country discipline, not downhill.  A few years ago, going to the Olympics was a far fetched dream for Lea after she took a season off with major hip surgery.  This was horrible at the time, but like many things in life, it proved to be a blessing in disguise. The time off gave her time to reflect on who she was and what she really wanted, it also gave her a much needed mental break from compteting. Fast forward to 2012 and Lea Davison was right up there in the mix for a spot on the USA Olympic Team. This day was the culmination of many years of hard work, determinations, tears of sadness, tears of joy….it was a journey that included many people her family, friends, Jojo, Coach, community, sponsors….sit back and enjoy one of the coolest moments I have ever witnessed!

(going to the Olympics has always been a lifelong dream for me, and it was so incredibly amazing to watch her dream come true in an afternoon….soooo incredible)


While I was in Ithaca I stopped by the Y to see where it all started for me. Before moving to NY, I lived in California where I was really into soccer, T-ball and swimming but it was in Ithaca that I joined the swim team and sports gave me a whole new drive. All I wanted to do was swim and that’s what I did!!

i love you mom

I just wanted to say thank you to my favorite woman in the world on Mother’s Day. My mom is such an inspiration- she has taught me to follow my dreams, live,  love, let go, learn, laugh…the list goes on. She is one strong woman and I am happy to call her my mom!

I have been trying to hunt down an early bike photo, and today I found one with no one else but my mom by my side.  This was my very first bike…I think I was 3 1/2? 🙂