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Female Wolfpack

WOW. This is sooo cool. I am so stoked to be featured in the trailer for Female Wolfpack, a new website which features video of women’s action sports. I think Rachael Burks has a great thing going here…!

Specialized + Jamaica

I have traveled to Jamaica the past 2 years for the Jamaican Fat Tyre Festival. I feel like I talk about Jamaica way too much? Maybe I do. haha. Anyway, when I went to Jamaica for the first time two years ago I found out that they were getting the first BMX track in the Caribbean and I thought that was so cool. Basically USA Cycling put out a call for proposal from Caribbean countries and Jamaica won. By winning, they got a course designer, builder and a start gate and in return they had to lease the land, get the dirt, equipment etc. This all cool and everything but there was one minor problem….no bikes. Jamaicans love their bikes A LOT. But riding those bikes on a BMX track is not a good idea for many reasons. Sooo 2 years ago a submitted a proposal to Specialized’s First Gear program to get some bikes to Jamaica and it was accepted!!! So fast forward to present time….it has all come together. The track, the materials, the bikes, the grand opening celebration. SOOO COOL. I wouldn’t miss it for the world so I made the trek down there to see the track in real life, see all the bikes getting loved and also see a pretty public stoke of many Jamaican government officials.

Oh and its Jamaica so I couldn’t come and not get my shred on right! :)

I just want to thank Specialized for donating bikes and gear, Pro-Tec for helmets, the Oracabessa Foundation + Goldeneye for helping to fund this project Simon Dunne and Jonathan Gosse <- none of this would have happend without this guy!!!!

Lea makes the USA Olympic Team

Friday was a HUGE day for for Lea Davison.  And why was this day so important you might ask? USA Olympic Team selection.  Mountain Biking is in the Olympics but it is only the Cross Country discipline, not downhill.  A few years ago, going to the Olympics was a far fetched dream for Lea after she took a season off with major hip surgery.  This was horrible at the time, but like many things in life, it proved to be a blessing in disguise. The time off gave her time to reflect on who she was and what she really wanted, it also gave her a much needed mental break from compteting. Fast forward to 2012 and Lea Davison was right up there in the mix for a spot on the USA Olympic Team. This day was the culmination of many years of hard work, determinations, tears of sadness, tears of joy….it was a journey that included many people her family, friends, Jojo, Coach, community, sponsors….sit back and enjoy one of the coolest moments I have ever witnessed!

(going to the Olympics has always been a lifelong dream for me, and it was so incredibly amazing to watch her dream come true in an afternoon….soooo incredible)


While I was in Ithaca I stopped by the Y to see where it all started for me. Before moving to NY, I lived in California where I was really into soccer, T-ball and swimming but it was in Ithaca that I joined the swim team and sports gave me a whole new drive. All I wanted to do was swim and that’s what I did!!

Saturday on ABC

The film, Right To Play will be airing this Saturday on ABC, I encourage you all to check it out- It is both motivating and inspirational. Set those recorders now. :)

i love you mom

I just wanted to say thank you to my favorite woman in the world on Mother’s Day. My mom is such an inspiration- she has taught me to follow my dreams, live,  love, let go, learn, laugh…the list goes on. She is one strong woman and I am happy to call her my mom!

I have been trying to hunt down an early bike photo, and today I found one with no one else but my mom by my side.  This was my very first bike…I think I was 3 1/2? :)


It’s been a couple months since Duncan left us but this just got posted up this morning and while it makes me really sad, it makes me so, so happy. Duncan was so full of life and adventure and this slideshow should serve as a little inspiration to live the life you have always imagined…

Stop thinking about all the cool things you want to do. DO THEM.

NYC Marathon

Here are some photos I never posted from the IMG NYC Marathon on behalf of Right to Play back in November!

I wrote about it after I raced but never posted anything…here is a little piece of it…

One of the most incredible days of my life! I was just running in awe the whole day. We started at the south end of the Staten Island bridge, ran through all 5 boroughs, finally ending in Central Park on Manhattan. EPIC.

I have said it before but NYC has really become one of my favorite cities in the world…I think that the Marathon bumped it up a notch. :) I think the thing that got me was the overwhelming kindness of complete strangers. Here we are in a massive city, no one really knows each other and people are just so nice. I didn’t get why people put their names on their jerseys when we were starting out…I thought that it was a bit weird but as the race got underway I figured it out. Complete strangers spectating the marathon call people by name and say the nicest things to them…”your looking great mary”. It might sound strange reading it here but I was so inspired by it on the run…