Born in California. Grown in New York, Washington, Colorado & BC. 🙂

If you asked me what I thought my life would be like, I would have rattled off a long list of things that I wanted to do and accomplish (including the Iditarod sled dog race and Olympic swimming).  Bikes were nowhere to be found on that list. Then one day in September, it all changed. In the aftermath of 9/11, my high school class trip to Greece and Italy was canceled, and I found myself on a bike trip in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.  No one could have predicted how those five days would change my life.  Soccer, softball and swimming had dominated my athletic pursuits; within weeks, they were replaced by bikes. All that I could think about was riding bikes.

I live and breathe bikes.  I need bikes.  Bikes are me.

Like anything, riding has its ups and downs, but the roller coaster of it all only draws me in. While the lows can be painful (hospital visits, slams and races lost) they only make me love what I do more.  If it were easy, I wouldn’t like it. Growth and progression keep it fun and fresh.  You can always hit a bigger jump, rail a corner faster, and dominate a rock garden even more.  You can always lift more weight, do more pull-ups and train harder.  There is always the challenge to be better.

While bikes have given me more than I could have ever imagined, I am a passionate individual and pride myself on being well-rounded in my pursuits & interests. I love everything that paints my life with texture, color, and challenge.

Here are a few things I am proud of:
-All of my travels…I have learned to have an open mind, to accept and appreciate differences and to love the uncomfortable
– 2010 Pan American Champion
– 2012 US Grand Prix Champion
– I raced World Cups but…
– …my true calling is the Whistler Bike Park Phat Wednesday beer league.
– I jumped a trophy truck on live TV!
– I learned to backflip
– I graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder + a Diploma in Destination Management from Capilano University
– I have competed in soccer, swimming & water polo, reached the state championship game as catcher in softball, and ski & snowboard recreationally.
– I am a PMBI level 2 certified Mountain Bike Instructor
– If I don’t know how to do something, I learn how to do it
– I can speak Spanish
– I completed the NYC Marathon
– I have hosted videos for PinkBike, NSMB, written for Decline + commented for Freecaster + been published in all the major mountain bike publications.
– I went to Space Camp
– I traveled around the world on a boat (literally)
I am kind. 🙂

in a world where you can be anything, be kind.